Jocelyn was an amazing and charming coach for me when I was in NYC. She helped me a lot on my musical understanding, singing language skills and even the networks in NYC! I could not have applied successfully for my master study in the east coast school without her kindness and assistance!!


Jocelyn 是一位十分热心并且专业度极高的艺术指导。在去年的几个月的时间,Jocelyn通过指导我语音嘴型的发音和歌曲情感艺术的表达,让我的声乐提升了很大一步,并且在Jocelyn指导我的那几个月里,她积极帮助我找到适合我的声乐老师,让我在纽约的声乐圈里认识了许多之后帮助到我的老师!至今我都会运用Jocelyn告诉我的方法进行自我训练。Jocelyn绝对是一个会帮助学生,让学生自身能力提升很多的一位完美的艺术指导!



I had the greatest luck in meeting Jocelyn. She is not only a professional coach and teacher but also a loving mentor to me. She is the first teacher to open the door to studying classical voice in the United States. Jocelyn gave me ideas of how to manage my studies and prepare for auditions. Besides that, Jocelyn has always given me lots of support and love! Do not miss a chance to work with her!

- SH